Oklahoma fire departments prepare for redistricting

GROVE, Okla. - The Ottawa County Commission approves the redistricting of the Seneca-Cayuga, Paradise Point, and Wyandotte fire departments. Seneca-Cayuga Nation Public Safety Director, Chris Arnold says the changes allow firefighters to improve their services. 
"We're here, we're closer, we are staffed, which gives us better coverage, quicker response times," said Chris Arnold, Seneca-Cayuga Nation Public Safety Director.
The redistricting goes from the north end of the Seneca-Cayuga District at 200 Road, then down to 240 Road where the Ottawa and Delaware County line meets, then from Grand Lake on the west to the Tiff City Fire District on the east.
"It was before this point, like for Wyandotte would be 10 miles and now they've got it where with Seneca Cayuga and Paradise Point is no point further than five miles. And then they all agreed to for mutual aid anytime they need a call for either one of them," said Gary Wyrick, Ottawa County Commissioner.
Firefighters say the redistricting will drop the departments ISO rating from a 10 to a 5, which means lower insurance rates for homeowners. Officials say they've seen examples of residents insurance rates drop by $1,200 to $1,500 per year.
"It should help them a lot, we had one guy tell us that it dropped his insurance from, is going to drop his insurance from $2,600 a year to $1,300 a year," said Wyrick. 
Since the fire departments have been redistricted, Arnold says the firefighters can better protect the community. 
"It increases our run numbers gives these guys more ground time, which increases their training," said Arnold. 

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