Oklahoma Corn Harvest Underway

Published 08/27 2014 06:25PM

Updated 08/27 2014 07:20PM

MIAMI, OK.--- With the rain drought this year, it was a 50/50 chance corn crops would be profitable. One Miami farmer says the weather played in his favor. 

"We had just exactly the right amount of water, the exact right amount of temperatures, the best harvest we've ever had in Northeast Oklahoma," said Brent Rendel, 
Owner and Operator of Rendel Farms.

Brent Rendel says he likes to start harvest in late August and be wrapped up by early September. 

"Really, things will wrap up pretty quickly, which is a good thing because all this ground is going to get turned right back over into wheat, and that's about four weeks away from starting to plant," said Rendel. 

Rendel tells us most farmers look forward to harvesting season, because this is when they get paid. 

"We're working for the highest yield we can and the best price we can. So the harvest and yield, that's one part. Now the marketing of the crop begins," said Rendel. 

He says the marketing can get as complicated as the stock market.

"You're looking at politics, you're looking at weather, you're looking at Iowa and Illinois corn harvest. There's a whole lot of factors that go into the marketing end. So now half the job is done, the hard part begins," said Rendel. 

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