No Election for Joplin School Board in April

JOPLIN, MO--The April 3rd ballot brings a $62 million bond issue for Joplin schools - but, this year, they get to skip the regular school board election. Two seats for the Joplin board are slated to be on the April ballot. But incumbents Anne Sharp and Jim Kimbrough were the only candidates to file. And Missouri state law allows the district to skip the election if there are no challengers.

"Sharp says that gives them a chance to focus on moving forward with the many challenges facing the district. "And I think we're on the right track. I'm hoping people are pleased with Jim and myself's performance. And maybe that's why they - the school district's doing things right."

Normally skipping the election would save the school district tens of thousands of dollars. But there's still a bill to pay with the bond issue on the ballot.

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