New Year's Gun Theft

The new year is time for celebrating new beginnings, but one small business owner is picking up the pieces after his store is broken into.

Mark's Wholestore is located off of busy Highway 43, but that didn't stop a suspect from taking a hammer to the doors, security cameras, and glass cases. Thousands of dollars were stolen in property.

Mark Alexander, owner of Mark's Wholesale in Southwest City, came to open up his business on New Year's morning when he discovered his store had been broken into. Even with Mark's security cameras and metal bars across the doors, that didn't deter the assailant. 

Two glass cases were smashed, and 7 guns totaling $2 thousand dollars were taken. Police are working to identify the suspect. They say security footage shows the person entering the store at 4:30 am wearing a sports jacket with gloves and a mask.

"Unfortunately, there's not much detail to that, that we've got from the pictures either,” says Michael Hall, McDonald Co. Sheriff.

"You know, you work hard everyday trying to make a living, you put tons of hours in and then someone comes in and takes it right out of your pocket,” says Mark Alexander, Mark's Wholesale Owner.

Detectives are currently following up on leads. Officers say the suspect probably came from a New Year's Eve party with the attire that he was wearing. If you have any information, you are asked to contact the McDonald County Sheriff's Office at 417-223-4319.

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