New Miami Animal Shelter

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 08/21 2014 06:54PM

Updated 08/21 2014 07:57PM

MIAMI, OK.--- The planning process is underway to build a new animal shelter in Miami.  And now the city council is supporting the next step, looking for funding.
"We had to pass a resolution in order to apply for a grant that was offered, a regrant by Grant Gateway. And it gave us the opportunity to apply for that," said Mike Furnas, Miami Animal Welfare Director. 

Miami Director of Animal Welfare Mike Furnas is spearheading the project and said it's time to replace the current structure.

"It was built in '85 and it's simply, we need more space to give the program an opportunity to work. And the larger it is, then we can accommodate that and the more we'll be able to intertwine those animals back into the community," said Furnas. 

He has preliminary plans for a proposed site near the airport. It would add more runs, separate office space and even a sally port.

"It allows an control truck to go in. It is a self contained space so you don't lose an animal or risk of if it becomes aggressive, it becoming at large again," he said. 

It's a plan Irene Kehely backs. She runs a private animal shelter nearby and says the expanded facility is badly needed.

"Well, what I'd really like to see if people really support this new shelter and let the city council know it's something that's really needed, and they want it here. When we don't have it, the animals suffer," said Irene Keheley, Animal Welfare Society.

City workers hope the plan can come together to hold a groundbreaking within the next six to eight months.  

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