Nevada PD Partners With Western Missouri 911 Dispatch Center

Published 04/04 2014 05:31PM

Updated 04/04 2014 07:25PM

NEVADA, MO.--- The Nevada Police Department is teaming up with Western Missouri  911 Dispatch Center to use code words that make local businesses feel safe. Nevada police officers always encourage local businesses to call them when they feel uncomfortable during after hours or during a heated situation taking place inside the store. 

"Teaching them kind of ways of helping themselves and protecting themselves, making sure that working together as a business," said Patrick Deao, Nevada Police Officer. 
911 dispatch leaders tell us businesses like the open communication policy, but they want to do it more discretely. 

"Basically, the system is set up to provide a discrete way for local businesses to contact emergency services," said Tonia Davis, Executive Director of Western Missouri 911 Dispatch Center. 

Officers say this helps provide a less hostile environment.

"That way they can ask for help without getting somebody angry at them or agitating them," said Deao. 

Nevada's 911 dispatch is trained to pick up on the code names or phrases, and in turn, alert police officers. 

"Practice calls periodically from time to time to make sure everybody stays on their toes and remembers what to do in the event that they get one of those calls," said Davis. 

Although the words and phrases are not all the same, they're also not difficult to remember. 

"We usually try to keep note cards as refreshers to remind the dispatchers for what to expect," said Davis. 

The method has been used in the past and worked, so officers are hoping they can reestablish the program.

"We're trying to pick it back up for the request of the owners, business owners, hopefully we can get more involved," said Deao. 

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