Nevada Leash Law Proposal

NEVADA, MO.--- Changes for dogs could be coming to Nevada city parks.

"We get a great deal of complaints about dogs running free in the park," said Dana Redburn, Nevada Parks and Recreations Director.

The Nevada parks director hears many of those complaints.

"Big dogs were circling a woman and her child, and she said this happened on numerous occasions," said Redburn.

She also hears from people who want to let their dogs run free.

"We live in town, where can we let our dogs stretch their legs and run, so it's a catch 22," said Redburn.

Currently, the city has a control law which doesn't require dogs be on a leash. However, dogs must be under verbal control of their owners.

"One of the complaints we've encountered is parents complaining about dogs in the vicinity of the playground, tethered to the playground equipment or in some cases even on the equipment," said J.D. Kehrman, Nevada City Manager.

The city manager says he is working with the city attorney to draft an ordinance.

"At this point, what we expect to have is something like any dog in a city park must be under a leash, under the control of the owner," said Kehrman.

He says there's also been discussion about restricting tethering of dogs throughout the park.

"Ultimately restricting dog's presence at all in the vicinity of the playground," said Kehrman.

"We want people to enjoy our parks and feel free to bring their dogs to the parks. They just need to be good neighbors and good stewards of the parks," said Redburn.

The Nevada city manager says the draft ordinance will be presented at the next city council meeting on June 18th. At that time, community members can also share their opinions.

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