Nevada High School 'I Choose Kindness' Campaigning

Published 04/14 2014 05:52PM

Updated 04/14 2014 06:38PM

NEVADA, MO.--- Throughout this week, Nevada High School students are campaigning to promote anti-bullying. Students are spotlighting embracing and respecting differences through the program "I Choose Kindness." 
"I've been bullied before, and so I want everyone to be aware that it's not a good thing and for people just to be kind to everyone," said Minnie Goodbody, Nevada High School 9th Grader. 

The "I Choose Kindness" campaign will have a different theme everyday, and today's theme was "We All Rock." An exercise involving a ball pit and a couple of volunteers helped kick-off the events. 

"They get in the ball pit together and they each choose a ball. Whatever color their ball is, they're asked to reach into one of those jars and they have to pick out a question. The question is just something that's like 'what's your favorite color' and they have to ask each other questions until they find common ground," said Gabby Gire, Nevada High School Junior. 

From cereal to movies, various students found they had more in common than they would imagine. 

"It's just a way for two kids that normally wouldn't talk to each other, to become friends and find things that they have in common," said Gire. 

Students also following Senate Bill 560, which ask schools to reevaluate their bullying policies.

"It kind of ask teachers to report stuff more strictly and to just keep a stricter eye on things and not let it flow as loosely," said Emily Dunlap, Nevada High School 10th Grader. 

Students and staff are encouraged to sign a large blue ribbon pledging to choose kindness. 

"There's so many different types of bullying. It can even be not meant to be bullying, sarcasm, and we want kids to know how they impact each others lives and how we need to build each other up instead of tear each other down," said Gire. 

On Wednesday, students and members of the community will get a chance to hear Kyle Maynard speak. He is a martial arts athlete who's known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to climb the highest mountain in Africa without the aid of prosthetics. Organizers say this is opportunity to listen to an inspirational speaker who's had to overcome big obstacles like bullying. 

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