Nevada Fugitive Task Force

Published 07/22 2014 06:13PM

Updated 07/22 2014 07:14PM

NEVADA, MO.--- The "Fugitive Task Force" is made up of Nevada police officers and Vernon County deputies who work in groups of two.

"We just move schedules around, so we have the extra people to tell them you don't answer calls today. Your only job is to find these people with warrants and bring them in so we can get them in court," said Sheriff Jason Mosher, Vernon County Sheriff's Department. 

Because officers spend all day knocking on many doors, they change up the teams so the community doesn't get use to seeing the same faces.

"The people that we're going after will figure out who's coming out, and they'll start to get a face for who they need to try to duck and dodge," said Patrick Deao, Nevada Police Officer.

Agents say the forming of this task force is helping get fugitives off the streets and getting their crimes solved quicker.

"They never show up at their court dates, so the victim in a case might be waiting for an extended period of time, because everything is waiting on the suspect to have his day in, so the process can move on," said Sheriff Mosher. 

"Not only are we proactively taking people off the streets and putting them into the jails where they need to be, but we're also showing to our citizens that we are taking steps to improve their quality in the entire community," said Chief Graham Burnley, Nevada Police Department.

When the Fugitive Task Force started, both agencies were in complete uniform, but they weren't making a lot of progress. Recently, they started working undercover and they've made more than a dozen arrest in the last two weeks. 

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