Nevada Dogs Running Loose

NEVADA, MO.---- Nevada Animal Control Officer, Ben Douglas says he gets a lot of calls.

"The larger complaints have been stuff related to dogs running loose," states Douglas.

He's also seeing an increase in complaints in the number of dangerous dogs at large. 

"People pull up to parks and just let their dogs out the door of the car and they run loose in the parks," states Douglas. 

Another major complaint, dogs bothering and chasing mail carriers. 

"Their policy is they just quit delivering mail until the dog goes away," says Douglas. 

The increase number of dogs on the loose is also bringing and increased number of dog bites.

"Back to 2010 we've seen a rise," states Douglas. 

Now city leaders are looking into possible ways to change their current ordinance.

"A dog has to be under owner's control and that can range from a leash, tether, or fence," states JD Kehrman, Nevada City Manager. 

The issue is under review by the councils as they look at ways to strengthen the law.

"From increased fines for dogs at large to more extreme measures like city wide leash laws," states Kehrman. 

Until a new resolution is made, Douglas will continue his patrols. 

"We really try and get the owner to take responsibility for their animals and keep them under control," states Douglas.

The Nevada City Council will hold a special work session Monday to discuss the issue. It's at the Nevada Community Center at 200 North Ash, starting at 6 p.m. 

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