Neosho Council Passes 42 cent Property Tax

Residents in a four state community will soon be paying more in property taxes.

Tonight, the Neosho City Council passed a 42 cent property tax by a majority vote of four to one. KSN's Liz Bryant has more.

This means, the owner of a $100,000 home will pay approximately $80 a year.
And the bill will have to be forked over by December 31st.

There has not been a general property tax in Neosho for thirteen years, since 1997.

Tonight at the public hearing, the common theme when residents spoke was quote "don't shut our opinion out..if we don't have a say it is not right."

And here are a few of the opinions expressed.

Larry Roberts says the voters have already spoken. The council should work with the money they have.

Gene Franklin states you let the bottom go but the higher up city employees make more than 80 thousand a year... and he could take a cut.
Franklin was referencing the city managers salary, which is roughly $85,000 dollars annually.

Jerry Milton says if we can get a few police and fire personnel back, let's do it. I dread what my insurance rates are going to be if we lose the ISL rating.

Mayor Richard Davidson says the tax will free up cash flow measures beginning in January.

"The 42 cent levy will put approximately $375,000 back into the general fund.? That we will be able to use for purposes of A, covering debt obligations we have. Secondly, any additional funds above that could go back to putting police and fire back on the streets" says, Davidson.

Neosho property owner, Richard Clements says, "as a community we cannot sit back and continue to bring up the past and financial ineptitude of the prior council that was on board."

Also tonight, two area firemen who were laid off from the fire department just 48-hours ago will now have their job back.

The council voted to allow the Neosho Fire Protection District to support the salaries of two fire engineers.

This will amount to more than $93,000 in salary, benefits, and overtime.

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