NEO Hosts Fitness Day for Elementary Students

Published 04/24 2014 07:09PM

Updated 04/24 2014 08:14PM

MIAMI, OK.--- NEO A&M College students are teaching third graders in Miami the importance of being outside. By making it a hands on experience by just getting outside, the goal is to get moving. Around 100 third graders took the field this afternoon to learn why there's more to life then just video games.

"Just getting around moving. As long as they are moving, they are burning calories that's better for them," said Dusty Stilwell, NEO College Volunteer. 

Fitness day had students traveling through five different stations. Each one had a different physical activity that kept kids moving while having fun.

"We have them doing different stuff. Their hands out or lay on the ground, you know, push up's and we have kids go back and forth and they just have a good old time," said Stilwell. 

The event was NEO student lead, but it didn't take much to keep the third graders running.

"So everything is minimal equipment. We want to do things that kids can play around on the playground. If they have one or two things that they have access to, then they are able to make up their own little game," said Lisa Bell, NEO Student Activities Coordinator. 

NEO Football Player Dusty Stilwell was one of the volunteers. He thinks it's a good lesson to teach the kids. 

"I just like helping out the youth," said Stilwell. "Plus, we get extra bonus points for my class, trying to get that 'A.' But I'm really having a great time helping out the youth."

University representatives add Stilwell wasn't the only college student to benefit from the event.

"It's a volunteer project as well, so we have kids who need volunteer hours for different scholarships, for classes, whatever, and this is a way to get out. You can be a third grader for a day. Who doesn't want to do that," said Bell.

All in all, it was a great day, but the weather did cause a bit of an issue. The event ended a little early once it started lightning, but the kids enjoyed every moment of it. 

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