NEO band gearing up for upcoming bowl game

The football teams have been practicing hard, but there's another group of students that are gearing up for a bowl game this weekend.

All the musicians are excited to be a part of the game, but there are a few students who have never been a part of anything like this. International students from the Bahamas are here to continue their education in music, and also learn some cultural differences along the way. This game will be their first ever football bowl game to play in and they are making sure to work hard, but also have some fun too. 

Jeffery Cher-aime, NEO Band: "I've had to practice my butt off."

Sydney Cox, NEO Band : "We've been practicing a lot, learning a lot, learning our pieces a lot, getting ready, getting hyped. I personally think we are going to win."

These two students from the Bahamas came to Oklahoma specifically to play in the NEO band. The cultural differences were hard enough to learn, but they both say the weather was the most difficult to get used to. 

Sydney Cox, NEO Band : "When I came over here and experienced the cold for the first time I almost died."

Jeffery Cher-aime, NEO Band: "I had a lot of shorts when I came here. Thank God for Walmart, because these long pants came in handy."

Adam Compton, NEO Band Director: "It's hard enough for American kids when they first start college, because that's already a big step, but if you can imagine starting college and going to a foreign country."

But these students are enjoying the new experiences, from the sport of football-

Jeffery Cher-aime, NEO Band: "I had to learn football, and it's actually been kinda fun.'

-To the loud and crazy nights in the stands. 

Sydney Cox, NEO Band : "We fit right in, everything is loud and exciting."

Adam Compton, NEO Band Director: "If you have a big crowd and the crowds into it that just helps you get into it and you will perform better knowing that the crowd is there."

And although the band director is sad that the season is coming to an end, he says the band has a lot to look forward to next semester.

Adam Compton, NEO Band Director: "It's definitely been a season to remember."

Both Jeffery and Sydney are Music Education majors. Jeffery wants to help kids from his hometown have the same opportunities to learn music like he's had, and Sydney wants to open her own practice to teach music to kids.

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