NEO A&M College Founders' Day

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 03/28 2014 09:46PM

Updated 03/28 2014 10:26PM

MIAMI, OK.--- Today is Founders' Day at NEO A&M College, and the community is celebrating the school's 94th birthday. Former Oklahoma State Representative James S. Mabon is one of the school's main founding fathers. He persuaded the Oklahoma state government to establish a school dedicated to the study of mining and metals. On March 17th, 1919 the Miami School of Mines was established, it eventually became Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. The annual Founder's Day ceremony was held today. Many were honored, including the founder's grand-daughter. 

"It's difficult for colleges in this day and age. The funding is hard to get. I hope the community and people will realize that they need to support this college. The community needs to support it, but people need to support it as well," said Jane Osborn, Founder's Grand-Daughter. 

There was also a grand reopening of the art department at Kah-Ne Hall, where women and former chairmen 

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