NEO A&M College Fossils and Dinosaurs Presentation

Published 01/28 2014 05:59PM

Updated 01/28 2014 06:55PM

MIAMI, OK.--- Students of NEO A&M College and the community of Miami get the chance to attend an educational presentation about fossils and dinosaurs. The fun and educational event was presented by a man who is a lover of dinosaurs and a discoverer of new species

"You know it's not often I get to talk about cool science. Often my talks are very technical," said Dr. Jack Conrad, Paleontologist.

Paleontologist Dr. Jack Conrad spoke about his fossil digs and adventures on finding a long lost creature. 

"One of the species we discovered on one of our trips were titalic. It's been called the Fish-A-Pod. there is a a good story about it called "your inner fish." It kind of helps expand the space between a fish and an amphibian or reptile," said Dr. Conrad. 

Dr. Conrad has participated in digs in the Sahara Desert, the Arctic, and the Andes. 

"So what you have to do is go to these intense places, make the most of those opportunities, and enjoy it for what it is. Just because it's a 100 degrees in the Sahara, doesn't mean that's not a great place to be. It's just a place you're not familiar with," said Dr. Conrad. 

Dr. Conrad is from a small town in Missouri called Hurley, which is located near Branson. He says being from a small town didn't stop him from digging up his dreams. It's that attitude that had NEO students walking away feeling inspired

"What he was saying was true. You feel like you can't go do amazing things if you're from such a small town and you can, you know. So I was really, really impressed by his presentation, it was awesome," said Kelly Claggett, NEO Student. 

Whether your passions are dinosaurs or not, Dr. Conrad says whatever it is, it must be enjoyable to you. 

"Well, the important thing is to stay focused and to find the thing you want to do, and just enjoy it," said Dr. Conrad. 

Dr. Conrad is also a professor at NYT and a staff member at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Dr. Conrad also studies thousands of lizards, which are now housed at the museum.

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