Mysterious Dog Attacks In Neosho

NEOSHO, MO.--- Punk'n is the smallest of several dogs in a Neosho neighborhood suffering from injuries caused by a mysterious animal. 

"Two slashes across her back, and in some places, it's two inches deep," states Reta Liles, Mint Lane Resident. 

Her owner, Reta Liles says the dog is lucky to be alive. 

"It was bad. She was laid open from side to side," states Liles.

Liles' second dog to be attacked, Buddy, a golden lab, was not so fortunate. 

"He hadn't been dead very long when I found him. I think he just layed there and bled to death. It broke my heart. I cried all night," says Liles. 

So far, neighbors living on Mint Lane have been able to confirm 8 brutal dog attacks, caused by something living in the wilderness behind their homes.

"There has been two that I know of that have been killed and the rest have just been attacked and I know it has cost a lot of money," states Liles. 

Some residents were so concerned, they hired professional trackers to find out what was doing the killing. 

"Thought it was a mountain lion because of the depth of the tracks and so forth," says Liles. 

The mysterious animal has not yet been seen and Liles says she is concerned it may turn from attacking dogs to humans.  

"This thing needs to be relocated or irradiated or something. I don't want to see any of my kids or my neighbors get tore up," states Liles. 

As for Punk'n, she now has to be kept in doors, while Liles says she is still missing her dog, Buddy. 

"I just had a feeling that he needed me, but I couldn't get to him. It hurts a lot. He was a good dog," says Liles. 

Residents on Mint Lane are working to install a critter cam in their neighborhood, because authorities tell them action can't be taken until there is visual proof of the animal.

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