Mural at Joplin Public Library receives positive feedback

Books, movies, and cd's are just some of the things you'll find at the new Joplin Public Library. But there are other reasons to go there as well, including art.

"Often when people come around this corner they see it and it just stops them in their tracks,” says Jill Sullivan, Post Art Library Director.

That's the reaction visitors to the post art portion of the Joplin Public Library have had this week when they get their first glance at a mural created by Springfield, Missouri area artist Luke Blevins.

"And they they look and they just see this huge piece of art because it's about 6 feet tall and eighteen feet wide, but then when you look more closely you realize that it's actually comprised of numerous small pieces,” says Jill Sullivan.

The artist put a lot of himself in this project, literally, his self portrait is on every one of the 430 panels that make up this piece.

"And then attached those to the panels, hung it at home, painted over it and then brought it all here, organized and ready to hang,” says Jill Sullivan.

Then he, Sullivan and three other people attached every one of the panels on the wall in a span of about five hours. The only downside, it will be taken back down at the end of next month and replaced with something else.

"It really pops and it grabs you and kind of brings you in, there are some people who have come back again and again  to explore it.We've had a very positive response to art in the library, it's something people asked for and so now we're better able to provide that for the community and I really like that we can support local and regional artists by having a place to show their works,” says Jill Sullivan.

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