MSSU tobacco free policy

Missouri Southern State University is going to be tobacco free.

JOPLIN, Mo. - Over the years, Missouri Southern State University students like Alexandra Simms would learn to hold her breath coming through the doors of Reynolds Hall, and other buildings on campus, if they didn't want a lung full of cigarette smoke. By the fall semester of 2016, that won't be a problem any more.
"I don't like the smell of it. It just, it causes a lot of diseases and I just personally don't think it's good for the body. It's just toxins that your inhaling," said Alexandra Simms, MSSU freshman.
"I'm for it. It's really nice to be able to walk to class and not have a cloud of smoke in your face," said Colby Smith, MSSU junior.
You might be surprised who else is in favor of the policy. A smoker himself, Robert Gilmore, says it's yet another reason to give up the addictive habit.
"I'm all for it, what I like is the new program they have available through the student center, the medical center to provide patches and gums to help quit smoking. It's a great program, we're just catching up with the 21st century," said Robert Gilmore, smoker.
Missouri Southern's wellness director says students like Gilmore must first demonstrate to them they are ready to quit and why.
"Then once they've gone through that coaching, they can actually go through our health center, where thanks to a grant, we will have a free tobacco cessation products for them as well," said Heather Arnold, MSSU Wellness Director.
Gilmore says he hopes to make it to that phase.
"One of the holdbacks on those patches is the cost and by them providing them to students at no cost, it really is going to be a benefit to the students," said Gilmore. 
The school will put up signs all over the campus around the first of next year, reminding students about the total ban. Pittsburg State University went smoke free at the beginning of this semester.

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