Moss House 'No More' Campaign

Published 08/29 2014 06:26PM

Updated 08/29 2014 07:01PM

NEVADA, MO.--- "Several years ago there was a large national mens movement, started to begin the process of engaging men in the actual conversation and place to actually start ending domestic and sexual violence," said Martha Sander, Moss House Director.

The "No More" campaign allows men to lead by example to prevent and end violence against girls and women. For Corey Johnson, this is a movement he believes in, which is why he donated more than $7,000 during a local fundraiser. 

"I know that I can trust the funds when they go to the Moss House, that they will be used to their fullest and they really will be able to help people out," said Corey Johnson, Nevada resident.

The Moss House is a safe place for battered women, children, and even men. Johnson says he's had a blessed life and it's important for him to give back and help those less fortunate.  

"It's okay to care about people that you don't know or that you'll never meet. If I can take that money and give it to an establishment like Moss House, they can then take that money and make someone's life better and easier," said Johnson. 

Leaders of the shelter say by challenging men to "man up" and wear at least 3 inch heels, local men are helping raise awareness to end violence.  

"I think that women find that really incredibly empowering to see that this is a partnership. Domestic violence is everyone's issue, we all know someone who's been battered," said Sander. 

During the "No More" fundraiser last weekend, a total of $12,000 was raised. It goes directly to the Moss House to protect anyone from rape and abuse. 

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