MO Prescription Drug Monitoring Legislation

Jefferson City - Missouri is currently the only state without a prescription drug monitoring program, but that may soon change.

Senator Ron Richard says a version of the monitoring program that passed through the House last week will likely pass through the Senate as well. Earlier this week, those who have opposed the legislation for years said they will not fight against it this year. Senator Richard says this paves the way for Missouri's own version of the program to go into effect.

"I figured sooner or later we would get it, but this quick, because the opposition was pretty well entrenched, but, you know, compromise sometimes has a strange way of getting things finished, so yeah, I'm pleased, i'm pleased, and that'll just save time that we can work on other issues," Senator Richard says.

Governor Eric Greitens would still have to sign the bill into law if it passes through the Senate. In the past, Greitens has expressed support for a prescription drug monitoring program, leading many legislators to believe he would sign the bill once it hits his desk.

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