Mitchell's Money Minute: Renter's Insurance

By Philip Mitchell

Published 09/01 2014 10:54PM

Updated 09/01 2014 11:01PM


What can happen if there is a fire, storm damage or a theft and I don't have renter's insurance?

Jeff Montgomery, State Farm Agent says, "One of the things I would say about renter's insurance is that there are two facets of that.  Obviously you have I usually call it the pots and pans and pajamas policy all your stuff that you have your electronics if there is a loss the landlords policy will not cover any of that.  What they will cover is the walls and fixtures and the air conditioner's and those type of things that are attached to the structure so if you don't have renter's insurance the first thing is would be your contents. The second thing and I think this is the most important when you are renting you have to remember if you are renting a duplex and let's say that the duplex if it was blown to the ground or if it burned to the ground 180 thousand dollars, 150 thousand dollars if it's determined that you caused that fire you could be liable for that and so I look at it more from that perspective looking at the liability situation so there are really a couple facets to that not only your stuff wouldn't be covered but you have to consider the liability aspect if you overload a wall socket for example and that's where the fire occurred they can come back to you as the tenant and hold you responsible and liable for that."

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