Missouri Statewide School Tornado Drill

Published 03/06 2014 06:57PM

Updated 03/06 2014 09:09PM

WEBB CITY, MO.--- Loud sirens were heard all over the State of Missouri today for the statewide tornado drill. This is Missouri Severe Weather Awareness Week. It's designed to help presidents plan and prepare, so they know what to do if a storm hits. For districts like Webb City, that means using an old fashion approach, at least for now. 

"Well, I think they are very important to prepare the kids for when this could actually happen," said Janel Smith, Webb City Math Teacher. 

A statewide tornado drill took place today in schools. This helps prepare students and teachers for severe weather season. In Webb City, that means preparing without taking refuge in a tornado shelter.

"Well, we teach them to get under the desk, if they can fit under the desk, and to cover their head and to just squat in a position, but it's very important to cover their heads," said Smith. 

Students say they know how necessary these drills are, especially after what happened on May 22, 2011.

Absolutely, I mean what happened with Joplin, that's a major issue. So I think if we are prepared for a tornado, it will save a lot of kids," said Taylor Hembre, Webb City High School Student. 

Webb City schools currently don't have a storm shelter. Four are currently being built for the next school year. 

"We'll be protected and I think the kids will feel a lot safer knowing that we have a place to go to, because right now, we are just exposed," said Smith. 

Students say the shelter will give peace of mind. 

"I just feel safer knowing that I'll have somewhere that I can go that's protected," said Hembre. 

Webb City teachers say since the May 2011 tornado, school officials are taking these drills more seriously. The Webb City storm shelter should be completed before school starts next fall. 

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