Missouri state representative has a plan to reduce health care costs

JOPLIN, Mo. - State Senator David Sater of Cassville has authored a bill designed to ask the federal government for what's known as a global waiver. Supporters say the waiver would give the state more options to lower health care costs by coming up with their own plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.
State Senate President Ron Richard of Joplin says he wants the measure passed as soon as possible.
"Senator Sater has a pretty good plan--I sent it to committee last week. I think we've got a really good opportunity, we're waiting on the fed to react, but we want to apply early, even before the inauguration to make sure we're in the pipeline because a number of other states are doing the same thing," explained Missouri State Senate President Ron Richard.
Richard says he hopes the issue can get passed through both houses and to the governor's desk in 60 to 90 days.

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