Missouri Sales Tax Hike Proposal to be Decided by Voters

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 05/15 2014 05:23PM

Updated 05/15 2014 07:51PM

MISSOURI--- Missouri voters will get the chance to decide whether to hike the state sales tax for transportation projects. State lawmakers authorized putting a three- quarters of a cent sales tax on the November ballot. It would raise about $530 million a year for the Missouri Department of Transportation for the next 10 years. MODOT workers say their funds have been shrinking, connected in part to more fuel efficient cars.  

"The legislature will not add a cost to the fuel tax or do tolls, this is our only course to ask the taxpayers to keep our infrastructure good. So we can get products to market and traveling, make it safe and secure," Senator Ron Richard, Missouri District 32. 

Voters will make the call on November 8th. If approved, the tax would take effect on January 1st, 2015.

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