Missouri ranked 30th in green states

A recent study shows Missouri is ranked 30th in the nation as a green state.

One contributing factor to this low ranking could be what is referred to as e-waste. This is home appliances and electronic devices that are simply thrown into the trash by consumers.

The study was released by a company entitled wallethub - which evaluates states' eco-friendliness as well as personal finance. Many people choose to put an electronic device they're no longer using in their trash can.

"The biggest challenge with electronics is they have lots of heavy metals and they have gold and lead and lot of different type of material that is not good in a typical land waste. So, those need to be properly recycled. Throwing those in a trash can is the worst thing you can do. You want to make sure they're actually taken to an appropriate recycle center and then they will take care of those for you,” says John Motazedi, SNC Squared CEO.

Simply throwing electronics away in the trash poses problems.

"It's horrible. Cadmium, beryllium, chromium and mercury are some of the chemicals that are contained in some of our electronic items; not to mention lead,” says Jennifer Shotwell, Regional-M Solid Waste Management.

"Well it's never a good idea to actually get heavy metals and chemicals into the water supply. It's not really a good idea actually put those in a waste area,” says John Motazedi.

Rather than throwing an electronic device away, your old computer could have use to others. 

"It's best if your computer is usable, if it's not that old, you can actually maybe donate it instead of dispose of it to some other organization that can really use your computer, especially if it's a faster computer and you need to upgrade. A lot of people and non-for-profits would love to have that computer,” says John Motazedi.

For smaller electronics like cell phones, Shotwell recommends looking for stores that have a program where you can exchange an old electronic device for a new one. It seems some electronics users need to simply think more about others when getting rid of their old appliance.

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