Missouri Legislature to Work on Labor Reform

Jefferson City - We are less than a month into the 2017 Missouri legislative session, but local law makers say they have already identified key issues they hope to work on, including labor reform.
In his State of the State address earlier this week, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens outlined several steps that he believes will lead to more jobs for the Show Me State. Greitens believes repealing Prevailing Wage laws is one way to make Missouri more competitive in the job market. He says the law hurts smaller communities by driving up the cost of construction projects. Greitens also pledged to help Missouri become the 28th Right to Work state in the Union. Less than 48 hours later, the House of Representatives passed right to work legislation, sending it to the Senate. Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard says Right to Work will pass through the Senate, and then they will turn their attention to several other bills designed to increase the number of jobs.
"We understand that's going to happen, now we're moving on to other issues on labor reform and tort reform, and i'm focusing on three dozen bills," Richard says.
Richard says with so many issues to tackle this session, they are likely to have a busy debate schedule in the Senate. He says he hopes to have many of these bills passed through the Senate before the spring break in March.

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