Missouri End User License Agreement

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 04/17 2014 06:34PM

Updated 04/17 2014 07:35PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- It's something we all accept, but most of us don't read. We're talking about those usage agreements online, binding contracts that may tell perfect strangers more about you than you want. The issue is the level of privacy you think you have versus what you've signed up to share in these agreements. 

"I think people don't realize what the "I Agree" clause does, because many times you're giving whatever site you're visiting the right to watch where you're going on the internet," said Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri. 

It comes from Facebook, where you agree to allow them to use anything you post. If that doesn't sound familiar to Facebook users, it might mean you didn't read the whole agreement.

"The biggest challenge is that you're agreeing to everything they state in their statements. And most of those are not one or two statements, most of those are pages and pages of content that you're agreeing to," said John Motazedi, I.T. Services Provider. 

It's called an end user license agreement, or EULA for short. It could potentially expose personal information or cost you money, depending on what you agree to.

"We've had people clicking on stuff that says, 'yes you're paying for this currently, but you're also agreeing to a yearly recurring service whether you want it or not.' So people have been getting credit card statements that have monthly or yearly fees on it that they never agreed to," said Motazedi. 

Even if you did read the entire document when you first joined, the rules may have changed.

"Just because you signed up two years ago, they've changed all the rules and regulations from those days. You have to be aware of that, especially if you have kids.  Kids just say yes and go with it," said Motazedi. 

So the experts say you really should read these agreements before you sign off. Some sites like Facebook, have account settings that will give you some level of control. These EULAS can be attached to anything online, so pay attention when you're connecting with a new service or website.  

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