Missouri death penalty bill

Senator Richard says an attempt to repeal the death penalty likely won't pass.

JOPLIN, Mo. - Senate Bill 816 would repeal the Missouri death penalty. Supporters of the measure cited costs associated with putting someone to death as a reason for the move. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections, it costs just over $32,000 to perform an execution, which they say is the same amount it takes to keep someone in prison for just over five years. Senator Richard says he doesn't believe the measure will pass this session.
"Most of the debate circled around some people doing such terrible, horrendous acts that imprisonment without parole wasn't sufficient. And the majority of the senators felt that the death penalty was justified, but it never came to a vote yet, and I doubt it will be brought up again this year," said Senator Ron Richard, (R)-Distrct 32.
Missouri's death penalty was first reinstated in 1977, with the first execution occurring in 1989.

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