Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Tyson Foods for Clear Creek Fish Kill

Published 06/17 2014 02:34PM

Updated 06/17 2014 08:26PM

MONETT, MO. --- Attorney General Chris Koster announced Tuesday he has filed a lawsuit in Barry County Circuit Court against Tyson Foods for the unlawful dumping of untreated industrial wastewater into a Southwest Missouri stream that led to the killing of at least 100,000 fish.

According to Koster, the incident began May 16th, the Tyson Food facility at Monett discharged wastewater containing a highly acidic animal feed supplement into the city's sewer system. The discharge caused to the city's biological wastewater treatment system to fail, and contaminated water containing a high level of ammonia flowed into Clear Creek, leading to the fish kill.

Koster's lawsuit contains six counts against Tyson for pollution of state waters and violations of Missouri hazardous waste laws. He is seeking penalties against Tyson, compensation for damage to the stream, and reimbursement for the state's costs in investigating the incident.

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