Miscommunication leads to setback for new law enforcement center

The almost completed Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center has already had some problems. Now, a miscommunication between the sheriff and city commissioners is causing another setback for the new facility. 

Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin confronted county commissioners on tuesday after he discovered a meeting was held without his knowledge. The meeting was in reference to the audio portion of security cameras placed in the new law enforcement center. 

Lynne Oharah, Bourbon Co. First District Commissioner says "Universal Construction had been presented with a request for change to put microphones in the jail facility."

Bill Martin, Bourbon Co. Sheriff also added "that's when that discussion came up about the cameras came up about them not having audio, because I was requesting it. And that's when they found out and they felt like it was an additional cost that I was asking for."

When the sheriff met with the architects to place the cameras earlier this year, it was not specified which cameras would have audio capability. While Martin was investigating the matter, the architect, construction company, and commissioners held a meeting on the issue. 

It was reported by a local newspaper that the sheriff was requesting additional funds for the audio cameras, but the sheriff says that's simply not the case. 

"I'm not adding the cost. It should have been in the plans from the beginning,” says Bill Martin.

Lynne Oharah adds "there were no decisions made. We were just exploring different options."

Now, the commissioners and the sheriff wait for the architect to give a progress report on updated camera plans. It's up to the architect whether or not there will be additional charges for the audio portion of the cameras. 

Bill Martin said "if you go to a retail store and buy a camcorder, you expect that camcorder to have both audio and video."

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