Military Explosive Devices Found Near Hospital

A southeast Kansas man is being investigated after deputies find multiple explosive devices in his car and home.

KSN's Liz Bryant has more.

The search began just after 1 p.m. Wednesday. A 42-year-old male walked into the Girard

Medical Center seeking medical attention for burns consistent with a military grade explosive.

The man then informed doctors that he brought the device with him to show them what caused his injuries.

Since medical personal weren't sure exactly what the device was capable of sheriff's deputies were called in to the scene.

Deputies then blocked off the area where the man's white suv was located in the hospital parking lot.

The device has been identified as an M-22 launch simulator.

This simulator is a military device used in training that causes smoke and flash.

It is filled with 11 grams of magnesium in a teflon container.

Because the device is military grade, the Mcconnell Air Force Bomb Disposal Unit was called in for removal.

After the disposal unit left the Girard Medical Center, they headed north to Farlington, Kansas where eight more of the M-22's were located at his residence.

The man was treated and released before six Wednesday evening.

Authorities are now investigating how he would have obtained these devices and if it's even considered a crime.

Rose Rozmiarek is a chief special agent for the Kansas State Fire Marshall's Office.

Rozmiarek says, "it's a military ordinance so we are relying on the military? to research that. So there's a lot of follow up that still needs to be done to look into how they obtained the items and if there's any kind of criminal activity. We aren't seeing any but until everyone's interviewed we are going to hold that off at this point."

Kenny Boyd, CEO of the Girard Medical Center, says, "everybody from the first responders to our staff handled it perfectly. We will review the incident to see if there's anything we can do better as a team with our state and local officials."

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