McDonald County Sheriff Deputy Shot

2:20PM, 10/19/11:

GOODMAN, MO. --Sheriff's deputies in newton and mcdonald county are investing a shooting that left a deputy wounded.
McDonald County Sheriff's deputies responded to a domestic dispute in Goodman about 12:30 this afternoon.

A suspect then began shooting at officers, wounding a sheriff's deputy.
The suspect then left the scene, leading authorities on a chase that ended on Highway 43 just south of Seneca.

At the end of the chase the suspect wrecked his vehicle.
The Newton County Sheriff's Department confirms that the suspect is dead. 

Deputies believe the suspect might have taken his own life before the accident.
The condition of the sheriff's deputy is still not known at this time.

We'll have more for you on this developing story as soon as we get it.

1:30PM, 10/19/11:

GOODMAN, MO. -- A McDonald County Sheriff's deputy was shot today in Goodman.
The suspect fled in a vehicle.

Deputies chased the suspect to an area on Highway 43 just south of Seneca.
At the end of the car chase, the suspect then wrecked his vehicle.

The shooting suspect is confirmed dead.

Newton County Sheriff's deputies tell KSN/KODE that the suspect allegedly took his own life.
At this time we do not yet know the condition of the deputy who was shot.

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