McCune Attendance Center Closes

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 05/13 2014 09:31PM

Updated 05/13 2014 10:20PM

MCCUNE, KS.--- One Southeast Kansas school closes its doors for the final time. Parents, teachers, and students were upset that there school is closing. They also know there is a glimmer of hope. Last night, the Oswego School District voted to try and get the McCune property. But the Southeast School District won't be giving up their school so quickly. At 3:30 pm, the McCune Attendance Center let out students for the final time.

"I'm sad, I don't want it to close," said Kailynn Martin, Student. 

Due to diminishing attendance at the school, the Southeast School District voted to close the doors for good. 

"They've had a lot of different options. So it will just be a wait and see game, see what happens," said Tony Martin, Parent. 

"We've had several McCune patrons come to our school board meeting last night and asked our board to consider a land transfer," said Terry Karlin, Oswego School District Superintendent.

Oswego School District Superintendent Terry Karlin says a possible land transfer would include the McCune school to join the Oswego School District. 

"If there is a opportunity to add enrollment to our high school, eventually that bolsters our opportunities for athletics and student activities," said Karlin. 

"We want that town to do well, we don't want it to hurt and suffer, but by the same token, we can't just let it walk away from us either," said Dr. Glenn Fortmayer, Southeast School District Superintendent.

Southeast School District Superintendent Dr. Glenn Fortmayer says about $28 million in tax money comes into the district, and $9 million of that comes from the McCune area. 

"We can not afford to lose our tax base and jeopardize the rest of the kids we serve," said Dr. Fortmayer. 

Dr. Fortmayer says he has not spoken with the Oswego School Board yet, and that is the next step.

"We would have to really have some hard conversation to see whether or not there is really any possibility of this land transfer," said Dr. Fortmayer. 

There is a community meeting on Friday at 7 p.m. at the McCune Town and Country Center to further discuss the future of the school. As of now, the doors remain closed, ending 57 years for the school.   

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