Matthew Laurin Commits Suicide in Jail

Carthage- A convicted killer commits suicide two days after pleading guilty to murdering a Carthage couple.

On Monday, Matthew Laurin plead guilty to two counts of first degree murder, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of first degree burglary for the 2008 murders of Robert and Ellen Shelden.

Laurin was supposed to serve two life sentences for each count of murder, but early this afternoon, Jasper County deputies found his body hanging in his jail cell.

Jasper County officials say they did not suspect that Laurin would be a danger to himself, so he was not placed on suicide watch.

Deputies say Laurin hanged himself by tying a bed sheet to an air conditioning grate on the wall inside the Jasper County jail.
Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn says Laurin was alone in a one man cell and on his one-hour break today he mailed letters and attempted to make a few phone calls.

"He talked to a counselor this morning and was asked directly if he has thoughts of suicide and his answer was no," says Dunn.? "He just had anger problems."

Matthew Laurin's body will be transported to Springfield tomorrow for an autopsy.
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An investigation is underway and will be presented to the prosecuting attorney.
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According to Sheriff's deputies, this is the third suicide at the Jasper County jail in the last seven years, all by hanging.

Also charged in the Sheldon murder case is Darren Winans of Jasper.
Robert Sheldon Jr. is one of four children of Bob And Ellen.

He says, "I think just like a regular death you have disbelief. Shock, some anger, irritation, blame, but can't deny it some joy.? Some sense of relief. Society doesn't have to support him anymore but he didn't suffer enough. If he could just go through what my parents went through for a few minutes. Maybe that would be some justification."

Sheldon gave the victim's impact statement on Monday.

He says since Laurin was first named as a suspect he showed no regret or sympathy for the murders.

Sheldon says he doesn't think Laurin was raised wrong he just got involved with drugs and made bad decisions.

Sheldon says the death of his parents has changed his life and he is now an outspoken member of Crimestoppers.

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