Low Water Levels Impact Area Campgrounds

Published 09/01 2014 05:06PM

Updated 09/01 2014 06:25PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- It's been a disappointing run for camp sites in the Four States. 

"It's kind of like a vacation. Really a vacation day, an extra day off school work, everything. Great day to go socialize, meet up with everybody," said Ryan Virgil, camper.

Labor Day, an opportunity to have a long weekend of fun. A popular way to spend the holiday is camping, tubing, and floating down a river.

"It's just the ultimate relaxation. Just something about water just calms you down and it's a great spot to even meet people in general. Everyone seems to like to go out and float," said Virgil. 

Zan's Creekside Campground in Joplin counts on those float trips to make the bills for the year. During the last month, Zan's saw less floaters than usual because of low water levels.

"It needs to probably be another 10 to 12 inches higher than what it is right now. Believe it or not, right now, yeah is for a good float. You can do it a little more than what we've got, but for optimum levels, yeah, another 10 inches would. If we can get that water up, that would be good," said Mike Murray, owner. 

Billy Joslen has been camping at Zan's for 15 years. He's not letting the low waters affect his holiday weekend. 

"This is their last big hoorah. You know most of the kids are back in school, so you know, they're kind of getting everything out of their system now before the cold weather moves in," said Billy Joslen, camper.

Labor Day is Zan's last hoorah until next summer. A summer Murray hopes is more profitable. 

"At least a year as good as this one," said Murray. 

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