Local fire department looks back on their achievements in 2017

A local fire department continues to improve its skill sets while partnering with local businesses.

The Miami Fire Department prides itself on their ability to hold a big presence locally while performing its job. 

“Well the community's who supports us,” says Robert Wright, City of Miami Fire Chief.

And that is what sparked their involvement in partnering with local businesses.

"We took 500 bucks out of our own money to give back so we could give 90 smoke detectors for the community that needs it,” says Stevie Nawlin with Vance Ford.

Nawlin says the Ford team worked together with the fire department to decide what would be most beneficial for people. 

"We're going to keep doing it and we're going to try to do some more stuff with the community to try to do more things as well so we can kind of keep giving back,” says Stevie Nawlin.

Robert Wright says he is proud of the many service acts his team has made within the community. 

"We've taught 2,500 students fire safety during Fire Prevention Week,” says Robert Wright.

And the team has also been working tirelessly at their craft. This year the fire department has responded to 104 fires, inspected 70 businesses, and serviced more than 400 hydrants. He says his team has been hard at work and they continue to conduct additional training to work on its skills.

"This year we have enrolled in a fire rescue 1 training and we have all completed inspector 1 class,” says Robert Wright.

These classes teach the team how to inspect businesses to help save lives.

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