Life Through New Eyes: A Nevada Man is Paralyzed From The Waist Down

(Nevada, MO) -- An accident leaves a Nevada man paralyzed from the waist down.

Life changed in an instant for Mark Dlugozima. A fall from a tree on a Sunday afternoon would leave the life he once knew behind.

"I was trimming some limbs that were hanging over my roof," Mark Dlugozima says. "So I thought I'd trim them back off the tree, the next thing I know it was Wednesday afternoon."

Mark awoke to news on Saturday morning he never thought he'd hear.

"I said I can't move my legs and that's when they told me," Dlugozima says. "They told me basically that I was paralyzed, that there's no chance for me to regain anything," Dlugozima says

He says there's no handbook on how to live your life after being paralyzed. He lost 75 pounds in three months and things he once did with ease now take hours to complete.

"The hardest thing I've ever encountered believe it or not is getting off the floor," Dlugozima says. "If I fall off the chair, picking myself up is a very difficult thing to do."

Mark and his girlfriend Christina sleep in separate beds because he can't make it up the second floor, but there isn't much else that's stopping Mark from living his life.

"For someone in this kind of situation, who has a sudden accident and a sudden disability, to be able to handle it the way they've handled it, with such dignity and positive attitude is amazing," Independent Living Specialist Amanda Fisher says.

Paying medical bills and other expenses hasn't been easy. "On My Own" in Nevada has held fundraisers in the community and applied for different grants to help Mark and Christina make it through each day.

Mark's thirst for life has left him with a new motto. Life rolls on.

"Life's not going to stop because this happened," Dlugozima says. "What happened to me is an accident, I can't change it I can't go back and say I'm not going to do that today. What's happened has happened. I can only make it better in the future for myself and for others."

Mark's next goal is to make it up stairs.

"On My Own, Inc." has also applied for a grant to help modify his bathroom to make it easier for mark to shower.

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