Lamar Greenhouse and Florist Valentine's Day Preparations

Published 02/14 2014 04:37PM

Updated 02/14 2014 06:59PM

LAMAR, MO.--- A greenhouse and florist shop in Barton County is working around the clock to make Valentine's Day special for many people. Kara Moyer bought the Lamar Greenhouse and Florist three years ago during a struggling economy.
"It's one of those things. especially with the green house, not everyone does it anymore. So it's just kind of like a dying brand. It's one of those things I always really wanted to do, it was my dream but I didn't think I'd ever be able to own a local greenhouse and florist," said Kara Moryer, Lamar Greenhouse and Florist Owner. 

Moryer says when you love what you do and a community believes in your work, there's always a payoff.  

"I think the community really likes what we're doing. We're doing difficult and unique stuff and so I think we're getting them involved and realizing there's a lot more to flower arranging than just the typical thing you see," said Moryer.

In fact, there's no flower arrangement that is the same. They use glitter on roses and vases, they put candy in the vases and use high heel shoes as a flower vase. 

"We like to use stuff that people bring in that means something to them, so hopefully we're getting everyone involved and their realizing it's a fun thing you can send really unique stuff to people," said Moryer. 

She tells us fresh flowers die quick. That's why they spend at least 100 hours just this week working around the clock just for Valentine's Day. 

"It's one of those things that it really all comes together at the last minute. You can prepare, prepare, prepare and it's never really enough and so we've done as much preparation as we could," said Moryer. 

It doesn't help that they're one of the only greenhouse and floral shops in Barton County.  

"It is a lot of pressure because we want to do a good job, and we want every to be able to come in and get something that they really want, that's personalized, but it's a lot of pressure because it's a lot of work," said Moryer. 

So what do you get the woman on Valentine's Day who runs a flower shop and has a degree in horticulture?

"He doesn't get me flowers because I'm a plant person, and when we first bought the greenhouse the joke kind of is, 'well I buy you fresh flowers everyday,' so he doesn't get me fresh flowers because I have them, have an abundance of them," said Moryer. 

Lamar Greenhouse and Florist is expected to send out more than 400 arrangements and deliver flowers until 9 o'clock tonight. 

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