Labette Community College offers new welding course

Next semester, Labette Community College will be offering a new degree program to help fill a shortage of workers in the area.

Allen Baker, A&R Owner: "We have a lot of welding business in this town and we're having a real shortage of people wanting to learn to do welding and stuff."

Linseh Johnson, LCC Workforce and Career Training Dir.: "There's been a skill shortage of welders especially in instructional fabricating."

Labette Community College is beginning a new welding program next semester. unlike any other program in region, LCC wants to focus on what the employers need.

Linseh Johnson, LCC Workforce and Career Training Dir.: "We have another college not too far from us, but their main focus is pipe welding; however that doesn't meet our industry here specifically in Labette County or even in Cherokee County for that matter."

Allen Baker, A&R Owner: "Every town wants to grow, and you can't do that without good employees."

A&R custom form and fab will help train these students by giving them hands-on experience in their facility. 

Allen Baker, A&R Owner: "Some other places they can show them different kind of things. We're going to show them what the actual companies in this area needs."

Linseh Johnson, LCC Workforce and Career Training Dir.: "Eventually they're going to become somebody's employee and they need to kind of know what's going on. That was really important about A&R, and so yeah, Tuesday night classes will be held here."

And Johnson says this is a huge step forward for not only LCC, but the community as well. 

Linseh Johnson, LCC Workforce and Career Training Dir.: "This is a huge opportunity for our college to grow and we're definitely there for our employers. They're just as much our students as our students are, and we want to serve them."

Students can still register for the program next semester. To get signed up you can call 620-820-1278 and talk to Linseh Johnson.

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