Keeping your car in top shape in winter weather

Frigid temperatures can pose a major problem if you aren't prepared to drive in the winter.

"Nothing likes to work when it's cold,” says Rick Harlen.

Rick Harlen, lead technician at a local auto repair shop, says you should be equipping your car differently during the winter months. 

"Really the best bet is just general maintenance,” says Rick Harlen. 

Things like monitoring fluids in your vehicle and keeping an eye on tire pressure are extremely important. Harlen says also to be sure to let your car warm up before taking a trip.
"Typically 5 to 10 minutes is plenty for people on the go. My suggestion is not to run out there turn the key and expect it to go,” says Rick Harlen.

He adds this is essential, so that the computers that operate your car have a chance to turn on. And don't forget to check your antifreeze. It freezes at different temperatures depending on the water mix that is in it.  
"Now antifreeze, you can look at it and tell if it's the right level but you really need what's called a hydrometer,” says Rick Harlen.

These are messages local residents are paying attention to.

"Make sure that there's a lot of antifreeze in there. That way the engine doesn't freeze up,” says Thomas Moore.

"Normally I just let the dealer when I take my car in to get it serviced let them handle all the maintenance getting it ready for winter,” says Bobby Ballard.

Harlan says while maintenance is important, there are other things you should do when temperatures drop.
"In the winter you might throw in an extra blanket maybe something to start a fire with,” says Rick Harlen.

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