KCU Joplin medical school campus receives donation

JOPLIN, Mo. - The future of a Joplin medical school is now looking a little more secure. The Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri announced a half million dollar grant from the Joplin Recovery Fund.
"We felt like this was a big continuance of Joplin growing and recovering from everything. The tornado of course changed everything, but with the medical school coming in Joplin will change for generations from now," said Don Gould, Community Foundation SWMO.
That means there's a little more than $2 million left to meet the goal. Those funds will help with both construction and start up costs.
"The vast majority of it is for the renovation and equipment part of it. However, it is to help the uh Kansas City University offset the losses they will have for the first three years of operations," said Rudy Farber, med school fundraising.
It's a total of $28 million. Fundraising started last April when KCU announced plans to develop a Joplin campus. It could be just a matter of weeks before design work is complete.
"Those are in the final stages with anticipation of construction activities beginning sometime in December, January," said Dr. Bruce Dubin, KCU Provost.
Plans call for an eventual enrollment of 600 with classes starting in 2017.

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