Kansas Technology Anniversary

PITTSBURG, Kan. - The Kansas Technology Center on the Pitt State Campus is celebrating a milestone this year, the building is turning twenty years old.

Dr. John Iley  was involved in the planning stage of the facility more than two decades ago and is still with the university.

Dr. Iley says one of the goals in building the 30 million dollar project was to bring all the different technology programs across campus under one roof.


Dr. John Iley, School of Technology Chairman says, "Probably the drivers at the time were Vic Sullivan who was dean of the College Of Technology, Don Wilson who was the president at the time, Bob Ratlzlaf who was the Academic Vice President, those were the three academic drivers in terms of the idea behind the Kansas Technology Center"


He also credits the efforts of the late Bill Hollenbeck in securing millions of dollars in state aid for construction, and Kansas Senator Bob Dole for securing money from the federal government.


Also, it's not unusual for graduates in many of the center's programs to have high paying jobs lined up even before graduation.

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