Kansas Crossing Casino reports big numbers after opening last month

PITTSBURG, Kan. - According to the Kansas Lottery, the casino is reporting $556,000 of revenue in its first financial report since opening on March 29th. 

Crawford County Convention and Visitor's Bureau Executive Director B.J. Harris says that represents several hundred thousand dollars that likely wouldn't have come into the community otherwise. Harris adds, while it's still far too early to know the exact financial impact of the casino, he believes those numbers will increase as we get closer to summer.

"Some people may not realize this, but really our hotel occupancy numbers go up in the summer time," Harris explained. "So of our larger events start to happen in the summer time, you get baseball and some of those youth sports traveling and things going on, so we're going to see an increase in travelers to our community."

Harris says better financial information may come in with the quarterly tax reports filed after June, but even then it may take months or years to measure the impact of the casino.


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