JPD rape kit results backlogged

Investigators with the Joplin Police Department welcome the Missouri attorney general's audit of backlogged rape kits.

Officers with the department say when a sexual assault is reported, a medical examination for DNA evidence is conducted. That kit is then sent to the lab for testing, which can take as long as a year to come back.

Attorney General Josh Hawley announced the audit late yesterday, saying the backlog is unacceptable. The officers we spoke with today say law enforcement is an evolving science, and that any help in making investigations quicker and more precise is welcome.

Cpt. Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department: "When the government wants to step in and address an issue and determine if there is a way to fix it or make it better, we welcome that extra eye and that extra effort to come up with a resolution."

Duncan says the Joplin Police Department is waiting on results from 31 kits. He says JPD has been using federal grant money over the past three years to help bring that number down.

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