Joplin's Master Developer Purchases Coke Building

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 08/29 2014 06:19PM

Updated 08/29 2014 07:35PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- "At this time, we're still working with our staff in determining the best use for that property, and once we make that determination we'll report that to the city council," said Bruce Anderson, Finance Director.

Joplin Master Developer Wallace-Bajjali purchased the Coke building for half a million dollars this week.

"The intent for the property was that it would be the beginning piece of property for a greater area here for a new post office," said Gary Duncan, JRC Chairman.

Wallace-Bajjali and the post office have been discussing the possibility of having one central post office located at 1301 South Virginia.

"We've been in some negotiations with the post office, but that is a situation where we'll continue to pursue that as one option, but we're also looking at other options for the property," said Anderson. 

Wallace-Bajjali Finance Director Bruce Anderson says the company understands the public would like to see more progress, however they are working to ensure that sound decisions are made.

"We periodically update the city council on a monthly basis on our progress on all the potential projects we have ongoing. We feel we're right on track with our plans," said Anderson. 

As far as their major development project at 20th and Connecticut, Wallace-Bajjali is currently in negotiations with a theater company. They plan to begin construction at the beginning of next year.

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