Joplin Sees Increase in Potholes

Published 01/22 2014 05:06PM

Updated 01/22 2014 07:04PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Joplin is experiencing an increase in potholes and city leaders are working to fix the problem. The winter is a prime time for potholes, they generally develop along roadways due to moisture and frequent temperature variations. Potholes can be very dangerous and damaging to vehicles. City crews are already on the move to fix the problems. 

"What we are doing right now during the winter months is kind of putting a patch there, kind of like a band-aid, until we can get in there with the hot mix after March and fix those roads," said Lynden Lawson, Assistant Director of Public Works. 

Experts suggest to slow down and pass carefully when approaching a pothole. Residents can report potholes by going to the city's website by clicking here or calling city hall at 417-624-0820.

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