Joplin sales tax differs from block to block

Your shopping trips these days may be focused on finding that perfect gift, or what the price tag says. But the city you pick to do your shopping can also make an impact on how much you end up spending. It's the sales tax, which is different from city to city. And in the case of Joplin, different from block to block.

Rachael Miller, Joplin Resident says the tax is "seven percent maybe that's what i think." 
Another resident, Ragan Gullett, says "8 percent is what I usually average it out to be."

Sid Davis, a resident of Diamond says "I believe it's about seven point like 3-5 percent, I think."

When it comes to tacking on the sales tax at the cash register, there's a range it could be in Joplin.

Joplin resident Emily Ellis says "I know that it's like more at the mall versus at the grocery store. And obviously food versus other products."

Missouri grocery purchases cost a little less because the state share of the sales tax doesn't apply. In other cases, there are three basic components.

Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Director says "the counties have different rates, I mean the sales, the total sales tax in Joplin is not just the city of Joplin tax, it's the state, it is the county, it is the city- in certain areas we have community improvement districts or CIDs and transportation development districts."

So in some areas of Joplin, that's 7.9 percent - in others more than nine percent.

"The highest is at the mall," says Leslie Haase.

A small difference on a small purchase, but one that's also magnified by the sheer volume of shopping this time of year.
"This time of year more than any other time that's for certain," says Emily Ellis.

Many of the other cities around the Four States are right around the eight percent mark. Both Pittsburg and Miami are a bit above nine percent. Baxter Springs will be one of the top rates at ten percent when it's new one percent city sales tax takes effect in March.

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