Joplin Property Theft Increase

By Carla Pesono

Published 04/12 2014 06:55PM

Updated 04/12 2014 07:12PM

JOPLIN, MO---Joplin Police Chief Jason Burns says most of these crimes are from what he calls, "crimes of opportunity." This means most people are putting their belongings in a vulnerable state for a potential thief to steal them.
Burns says he has noticed there have been more burglaries in recent months. He says over the last 4 years, 16 percent of those burglaries happened because people left their cars unlocked, and just last month there were 14 car thefts, and not one car was locked at the time of theft.

Chief Burns says, "If you leave your door unlocked the criminal comes to your door, they find it unlocked and go on in, your neighbors don't think there is anything wrong and by allowing that opportunity and not securing your residents, it's opening the door for them, so to speak." Burns asks residents to work with the police and not let these crimes occur. If you see anything suspicious, please contact your local authorities.

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