Joplin Humane Society Donation Needs

JOPLIN, MO.--- "We are a full house," said Laressa Oster, Kennel Tech.

A full house means a lot of mouths to feed at the Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption and Resource Center. Kennel Tech Laressa Oster helps feed the 370 dogs and cats currently at the shelter.

"Everything we do runs on donations. And if we don't have them, we can't feed the animals," said Oster.

Shelter Manager Lysa Buehler says it's that time of year when they see more animals.

"It blows your mind when you think about how much food it takes us to feed," said Lysa Buehler, Shelter Manager.

That's why food donations are always a necessity.

"The things we need most urgently are puppy food because we have a tremendous amount of puppies right now. It's just that time of year, as well as small bite dog food," said Buehler.

"Cats, the food would be kitten food, specific kitten food," said Oster.

Other items the Humane Society needs include blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, wet wipes and Clorax wipes.

"We use 4 cases of paper towels a week. That's a lot of paper towels," said Oster.

While cleaning supplies may not seem like much, Buehler says it goes a long way.

"It may not feel as warm and fuzzy as if you donate food but when you make a donation like that, it leaves us more money to use on the animals that we have in the shelter," said Buehler.

The shelter manager says they are also in need of foster homes for the animals.

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