Joplin High School Open House

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 08/28 2014 09:48PM

Updated 08/28 2014 10:21PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- "We are the Eagles, our mascot is the Eagles. Since my freshman year, you know the Eagles are flying. We've had a few pitstops along the way and now the Eagles have finally landed and we're home," said Saniya Ablatt, JHS senior.

When Saniya Ablatt first entered high school, she said it didn't quite feel like home. After spending the last three years in different grade centers, she's looking forward to a new beginning. 

"Finally, we're able to say that this is not just a band-aid. The other schools were kind of a band-aid in a way, that it was just a temporary fix. And now this is permanent, this is where we will be," said Ablatt. 

Ablatt was able to share her excitement with hundreds of other students, parents, and teachers who attended tonight's open house.

"For me personally, it's a new start, a new beginning. You know, being able to have something nice, something that we can appreciate, when everything else was taken away," said Saniya Ablatt, JHS Senior.

"It's exciting. My daughter is excited and I know the whole town of Joplin is excited because it's been well waited, well waited for," said Danon Gale, parent.

"It's amazing for these kids to be back at home, for the Eagles to be back home," said Dianne Schramm, parent.

Principal Doctor Kerry Sachetta has seen firsthand the struggles of the high school and the loss the community experienced and says this fresh start is only the beginning to a bright future.

"The community suffered a lot. And there's families in here that lost a lot. And a lot of lives were lost, so hopefully we can move forward here and remember our past, but look forward and do better than we've ever done before," said Dr. Kerry Sachetta, JHS Principal.

Tonight, the entire campus was open to the community, except the performing arts center which is scheduled to open later this winter. Now everyone is looking forward to the first day of school for JHS and the Franklin Technology Center which is Tuesday, September 2nd. 

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